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Who are we? Where do we come from? What is the Wi-Fi?

chic&basic hotels was born to surprise and evoke emotions. We conceive, create, and energise hotels that are always different from each other. Each one has its own concept, history, atmosphere, and coolness. Each one has its own way of not leaving you indifferent. From the decoration to the Wi-Fi code. And you'll wonder... so what do they have in common? Well, each and every one of them answers to a playful way of understanding life.


We are seekers of original and groundbreaking concepts that are born from the depths of the artists and that have that genuine point that makes them unique jewels in their time and context. It moves us to provoke and move away from the conventional. We promote a mischievous attitude in which humour, winks, and seduction are the order of the day. We like to play with everything except comfort, rest, and well-being.


Luxury is not measured in stars, it is measured in positive sensations.
We want to create trends, not follow them.
Curious, sensitive, and down to earth like you.