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Maximalism in size, minimalism in design

Following the chic&basic 'less is more' philosophy, the visual language of 'dot' is based on maximalism in size, minimalism in design.

chic&basic dot was born in the heart of Madrid surrounded by great cultural, commercial, and tourist activity. In this context, the hotel invites us to stop, reflect, and find new perspectives on everything that surrounds us. The dots play on the walls creating perspectives that are only visible depending on where you are standing. dot is recreated in a space where there is no outside noise and leads us to let ourselves go, embrace seduction, and feel the pleasure of finding our own point.

From this manifesto a solid graphic language has been created that can be extended to applications and places in the city, mixing genuine experiences with a mischievous attitude. In short, 'playful' but 'sophisticated'.

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Artes gráficas

chic&basic collaborates with Read or Die, a call to the creative community that supports the printed format. A meeting point where you can connect with different agents of creation and find new publications that are emerging in the publishing market.

Artes gráficas

At chic&basic we know that a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we take so much care of our graphics.