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Celebrate Pride in Barcelona, Madrid and Porto

The Pride 2024 celebrations are just around the corner and the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Porto are getting ready to have another great party.

If you are looking for the best destinations to enjoy the LGTBI+ Pride, you are in the right place! In this article, we guide you through the Pride parades, parties, demonstrations and cultural events happening in these cities.


Pride 2024 in Madrid

The Madrid Pride is an explosion of diversity and joy that takes over the city for an entire week. The festivities kick off at the end of June and run until the beginning of July, making Madrid the epicentre of LGBTI+ Pride worldwide. This year in particular, the Madrid Pride will take place from Friday 28 June to Sunday 7 July.

The main event is the big Madrid Pride Parade, the central event of the festivities, which brings together around 2 million people every year. This march runs through some of the most emblematic streets of the city centre with the aim of making diversity visible and demanding equal rights for the LGTBI+ community.

Other events that form part of Madrid Pride include the Pride Proclamation, the Heel Race, the Madrid Summit (Human Rights Conference) and the Pride Closing Ceremony. In parallel, there is no shortage of open-air music, as well as spaces for reflection in the form of conferences, talks and exhibitions.

Accommodation for the Madrid Pride

After a day full of colour and joy at the Madrid Pride celebrations, there's nothing better than to rest in a place that reflects the vibrant and modern spirit of the city.

The chic&basic dot hotel offers you accommodation in the heart of the city and close to all the Pride events. This boutique hotel in central Madrid is surrounded by a wealth of cultural, commercial and tourist activity. But beyond its strategic location, what really makes this hotel special is its innovative concept. Every detail is designed to invite guests to stop, reflect and discover new perspectives on everything around us. Its minimalist yet cosy rooms are the perfect sanctuary to recuperate after an exciting day on the streets of Madrid.

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Pride 2024 in Barcelona

The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona embraces Pride with unparalleled energy and vitality. The Barcelona Pride 2024 will take place for a whole month between 28 June and 21 July, with the main celebration taking place between the 18th and 21st.

During these days, the city will be filled with events ranging from open-air concerts, talks and workshops to the essential Barcelona Pride Parade, which this year will take place on 20 July ending in an open-air festival with performances by international artists. Another highlight is the Pride Village, an open space with activities for all ages, making it a meeting point throughout Pride.

Accommodation for the Barcelona Pride

For those looking for accommodation for the Barcelona Pride, chic&basic boutique hotels are the perfect choice. In each of our chic&basic hotels in the centre of Barcelona you will find a comfortable and affordable place to rest after the long days of music and fun.

With their own unique concept, these hotels are right in the city centre, allowing you to be close to all the celebrations. Here you'll find a comfortable and peaceful space to recharge your batteries and make the most of Barcelona's Pride.

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Pride 2024 in Porto

The northern gem of Portugal, Porto, is known for its vibrant LGBT+ scene and for one of the most important Pride celebrations in the country. The Porto Pride lasts for a whole week, usually in early July, with a series of cultural events and protest activities.

The main event is the Porto Pride March, which winds through the streets of the city centre to the iconic Avenida dos Aliados. This year, the march will take place on Saturday 13 July starting at Praça da República. The party will go on all weekend with live music, drag shows and DJs and international artists in the Parque da Pasteleira.

In addition to the march, there are numerous events taking place throughout Pride week in Porto. These include the Pride Village, themed parties in local bars and clubs, film screenings, educational workshops, and debates.

Accommodation for the Porto Pride

If you are looking for accommodation in Porto that is as vibrant and exciting as the Pride celebration, then chic&basic Gravity is your best option. This hotel in the centre of Porto is set to defy gravity with a modern design full of personality. Located in the lively Baixa district, you'll be right in the heart of the city, perfect for making the most of the Pride festivities.

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Celebrate Pride 2024 at the chic&basic hotels

Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of Madrid, the beautiful Barcelona beaches or the historic charm of Porto, all of them are perfect destinations to celebrate the 2024 Pride.

At chic&basic hotels we welcome you with a range of genuine experiences that go beyond the stay - come celebrate the Pride with us!

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