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Serralves Museum in Porto

Tucked away in the stunning scenery of Porto, you'll find the awesome Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art (Museu Serralves). This is not just your typical museum: from modern art to a magnificent park and a villa full of history, Serralves is the perfect place to lose yourself in.

Discover an immersive journey through art, nature, and heritage at the Serralves Museum in Porto. In this article you’ll find all the details about this wonderful cultural sight in the Portuguese city.


History of the Serralves Foundation

At the heart of the city of Porto lies the Serralves Foundation, a beacon of cultural enrichment dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of contemporary art, architecture, and societal issues. Established with a mission to engage diverse audiences, the Foundation's integrated approach encompasses the renowned Serralves Museum, designed by Pritzker winner Álvaro Siza, the Serralves Park and the elegant Serralves Villa.


Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art

The Serralves Museum, Portugal's premier contemporary art institution, stands within the expansive Serralves Foundtion offersing a wide art collection, temporary exhibitions and special events aimed to promote contemporary art appreciation.

The museum's Auditorium hosts dynamic cultural activities, from cinema to performances, complemented by discussions and lectures in the Museum Library. Serralves serves as a vibrant hub where art, culture, and environmental reflection converge, enriching visitors with an immersive cultural experience.


Serralves Park and Villa

Spanning 18 hectares, Serralves Park is a botanical wonderland designed by architect Jacques Greber in the 1930s. From formal gardens to wooded trails and a traditional farm, every corner of the park invites exploration. Amidst the lush greenery, visitors can find sculptures from the Serralves Collection, seamlessly integrated into the landscape.

Adjacent to the park stands the majestic Serralves Villa, an exquisite example of art deco architecture that will take you back in time. This historic gem offers a glimpse into Porto's cultural heritage and serves as a backdrop for special exhibitions and events.


Cultural activities at the Serralves Museum

A visit to the Serralves Museum promises an array of cultural activities to delight and inspire. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking art exhibitions showcasing the work of renowned contemporary artists. Experience the magic of cinema with film screenings in the museum's Auditorium.

You can also embark on a treetop adventure with the exhilarating Treetop Walk, a walkway on top of the trees which offers panoramic views of the park's lush canopy. For those seeking a deeper connection with nature, guided tours through the park provide insights into its rich biodiversity and botanical treasures.


Get tickets for the Serralves Museum

You can get tickets to Serralves Museum on the official website. This includes a general ticket, a special ticket for cinema screenings as well as a pass to the treetop walk., With various ticket options available, including guided tours and special event packages, you can tailor your Serralves Foundation experience depending on your interests.

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